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Adaptors(VANAZ R-1714,VANAZ R-2206)

Self closing valves as per IS:8737 are having outlet connections as a plain collar diameter, which needs a specific device to connect threaded fittings of regulator/pig tails to these valves. Adaptors are used for this purpose. The adaptors are to be fitted on the valve which makes leak proof coupling between valve outlet & adaptor inlet. By rotating the knob of the adaptor the Self Closing valve spindle gets pressed and flow through adaptor starts at unreduced
pressure. Vanaz adaptors are having brass forged body for high pressure chamber. The outlet connection is an integral part of the brass forged body and so the life of adaptors is considerably more. Each adaptor is fitted with non return valve at the outlet side which restricts the reverse flow through the outlet of adaptor.

VANAZ R-1714

Working Pressure Range 0.5-17 kg/cm2
Inlet Connection
To suit self closing valve of collar dia. as per IS: 8737 R:1714-25.6mm
Outlet Connection 21.8 x 14TPI (L. H.) Ext.

VANAZ R-2206

Regulator R-2206 is available with specifications similar to that of R-2202 except inlet connections. The inlet connection for R-2206 is similar to that of Adaptor R-1703, so it can be directly mounted on LPG cylinder.
Input Pressure : 1 - 17 kg/cm2
Output Pressure : 0.05 - 2 kg/cm2
Gas Flow Rate : 0 - 15 m/hr
Outlet Size : 3/8” BSPM / Nozzle to suit to 1/4” rubber hose
Gas : LPG

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