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Ador - Electrical Cremation Furnaces (INCINERATORS)

In recent year the PED has enhanced its product portfolio by adding Environmental Engineering products to its reputed line of welding automation products and systems. PED’s capabilities are highlighted by providing customized system from design to procurement and turnkey delivery. The project management profile at PED comprises of:
Waste Management

  • Bio-Medical / Hazardous Waste
  • Water and Wastewater

Cremation Furnaces
Gas Flaring and Incinerations System
Welding Automation Products & Systems

  • Column & Boom, Rotators & Positioners
  • Welding-Special Purpose Machine’s
  • Welding & cutting Robots

Proven and Established Products
Ador has been designing and manufacturing electric cremation furnaces for the past 10 years and is a supplier to municipal corporation, trusts and private crematoriums throughout the country. Ador has supplied over 35 furnaces to crematoriums and has achieved a level of trust and customer satisfaction that ensures repeat orders from many customers including the municipal corporations of cosmopolitan cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore and even smaller places such as Rajkot.

After extensive product research Ador has expanded into manufacturing fuel fired cremators as well.
These cremators come assembled and ready to install and have smaller space requirements and are most cost efficient. All cremators require a minimum amount of labour and the simplicity of the design ensure easy operation.
Common Feature of Fuel Fired and Electrical
Cremation Furnaces

  • Automation temperature control for pre post combustion zones
  • Automatic fail safe against excess temperature
  • Robust Hearth Bricks providing the main support on which the body / coffin is placed
  • Excellent Environmental Performance - emissions conforming to current CPCB norms

Heating System - Team Incineration Chamber one primary chamber and a secondary chamber with heating elements embedded within
Shaped Refractories - including over 40% Alumina in areas of heavy wear
Robust Construction Design - capable of 8 to 10 cremations per day. Cremation times ranging between 45 to 60 minutes are fully attainable
High Performance Cyclonic / Vane / Ventury type wet scrubber - clean the smoke and ensures pollution free discharge through the chimney.

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