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Cyclone Burner, Hot-air, Soft Flame Burner, Standard Burner


System B

Part No: 

333501 / 333401 / 334191 / 334401

Cyclone Burner:

  • Cyclone flame burners are the most efficient burners for brazing and soft soldering
  • The rotating flame gives an even and all-round heat transfer to the pipe
  • Working pressure 2 bar


  • Hot-air burners with powerful wind proof hot-air streams for heat shrinking
  • 3349 ideal for shrinking in confined spaces and fibre optic closures
  • Working pressure 2 bar

Soft Flame Burner:

  • Soft flame design ideal for cable work and other heat shrinking applications
  • To heat the sleeves efficiently but still soft enough not to overheat the shrink material
  • Working pressure 2 bar

Standard Burner:

  • Standard burners with brush-type flames for all kinds of soft soldering / small heating applications
  • Silver soldering about 615°C
  • Working pressure 2 bar

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