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Filters(VANAZ F-0105 Threaded or Flanged End,VANAZ F-0106 / F-0107 / F-0108 )

Filter must be fitted prior to the regulators on the upstream side, to ensure that only clean dust free gas is entering the regulator. The presence of dust /dirt in pipeline results in malfunctioning of the regulator because of damage caused to the regulator seat and rubber seating pad. Also movement of the linkage is restricted due to the deposition of dust / dirt on the moving parts and affects performance of the regulator. Hence the use of filter is strongly recommended. We also make made - to - order filters.

VANAZ F-0105 Threaded or Flanged End

Max Working Pressure  20 bar
Flow Capacity
For 1” - 100 Nm3/hr, ,
For 1½” - 250 Nm3/hr
For 2” - 300 Nm3/hr
Type & End Connection
F-0105: 1” BSP (INT)
F-0104: 1½” BSP (INT)
F-0104A: 2” BSP (INT)
Gas  LPG / Natural Gas / Nitr ogen / Oxygen

VANAZ F-0106 / F-0107 / F-0108 

Max Working Pressure 20 bar
Flow Capacity 
For 3” - 500 Nm3 /hr,
For 1½” - 250 Nm3/hr,
For 2” - 300 Nm3 /hr
Type & End Connection 
F-0106: 3” NB flanged end
F-0107: 1½” NB flanged end
F- 0108: 2” NB flanged end
Gas  LPG / Natural Gas / Nitr ogen / Oxygen

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