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1396 / 1397

Gas Leak Alarm
Most gas tragedies happen in the night, while you are in deep sleep. The thermostat in your fridge or simply switching on the light for a glass of water can trigger off an explosion. Therefore, GAS GUARD is a must for every household.
GAS GUARD, a simple electronic device for early warning of cooking gas leaks. This microprocessor based, low priced, wall mounted device is specially designed for domestic application and can be fitted anywhere near the source of gas. It has a very sensitive sensor. Moment the gas is detected a loud alarm is triggered on till the gas level is below the safety level.


  • Simple operation and easy maintenance with inbuilt system check
  • Gases detected - LPG, CNG and other Flammable Hydrocarbons
  • Excellent selectivity against other gases to avert false alarms.
  • Detection Method - Calorimetric
  • Unaffected by change in humidity up to 90% Rh (Relative Humidity).
  • Response time is less than 10 sec. One minute initial warm up delay.
  • Long Sensor Life
  • Visible and audible alarm. Buzzer sound level - 90db at 30cm.
  • Safe Alarm Point - 10% LEL* of Methane i.e. 1500 ppm.
  • AUX. output for external buzzer
  • Alarm Mode - Latched or Unlatched (by default Latched)
  • Works on 230V AC, 50Hz. GAS GUARD has inbuilt power regulator
  • Model working on 12-volt battery is also available.
  • Size:L=95mm, H=180mm, D=38mm

GAS GUARD can operate even at very low concentration of the explosive LPG / Natural Gas. Alarm can be adjusted for desired concentration level. Strong R&D team works continuously towards innovation and up-gradation of the product.
Gas Guard - a quality product tested for its highest standards can help avert / minimize such loss of life and save wealth of the nation.
*Lower Explosive Limit
(Due to continuing development we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice) enquire for industrial type leak detectors for all industrial gases.

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