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Gas Train Layout

Introduction: Pressure Reducing Regulator / Direct Operated Regulator are ideal for industrial and commercial applications supplying gas to furnace, burners and other applications. A balancing system enables the regulator to control gas pressure accurately for maximum combustion efficiency despite varying inlet pressure.
Control Application: For selection it is necessary to identify the function of the regulator. The answer to this question defines which of the following regulators is required -

  • Pressure Reducing Regulator
  • Back Pressure Regulator
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Vacuum Regulator

Capacity Determination: The required flow capacity influence and determines the following -

  • Size of the regulator
  • Orifice size
  • Style of regulator (Direct operated / Pilot operated)

Pressure Regulator Selection: Based on the application the pressure reducing regulator is designed. Every application calls for a pressure reducing
regulator based on the parameters mentioned below.

  • Outlet pressure to be maintained
  • Inlet pressure
  • Capacity required
  • Shut off capability required
  • Process media
  • Process media temperature
  • Required pressure pipe size
  • End connection
  • Material of construction

Outlet Pressure To Be Maintained: The first parameter is to define the required outlet pressure. When the outlet pressure is known we can ascertain
the requirement fro the under mentioned.

  • Spring Required
  • Casing pressure rating
  • Body outlet rating
  • Orifice rating and size
  • Regulator size


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