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Gasor Vaporiser

GASOR Vapouriser are user friendly equipments designed to the customers operating needs and have an industrial experience to back the product for optimum use.

  • Electrically Heated

GASOR gives a continuous uninterrupted flow of gas at constant pressure and operates automatically between a turn down ratio ranging from 25% to 100% of the rated capacity.
GASOR Vapouriser are designed and manufactured to Pressure Vessel Codes and to the recommendation of NFPA 58 Guidelines.
Vapouriser also known, as Evaporators are Equipment to convert liquified compressed gases from liquid to gaseous state. GASOR Vapouriser offers the following models :
ELECTRICAL MODEL : for flow of 50 kgs/hr, 100 kgs/hr, 150 kgs / hr, 200 kgs/hr & 300 kgs/hr

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