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High Pressure Cylinder Valves(VANAZ V-1229G,VANAZ V-6601 - 6613 - 0107 / 6603 / 4003,VANAZ V-1117)

These Valves conform to the Indian Standard Specifications IS:3224 (equivalent to BS:341, Part I) for Cylinder valves, in every respect.
All raw materials are fully tested for their chemical composition before being put to use. Simple construction & interchangeability of components make maintenance and repairs easy & fast. All valve bodies are of forged construction, duly heat treated stress relieved. The valve bodies have high strength, superior wear resistance and High impact values. We perform rigorous quality checks. Forged valve blanks are tested from every lot for actual physical values before machining. Each valve is tested at it’s full working pressure before despatch. All valves are soft to work because of good surface finish.


Name of Gas Chlorine, Fluorocarbon
Test Pressure 35 kg/cm2
Working Pressure 20 kg/cm2
Outlet Thread
External 5/8” BSP outlet
No.5 as per IS:3224:1979

VANAZ V-6601 - 6613 - 0107 / 6603 / 4003

Name of Gas Oxygen / Acetylene / Hydrogen / Argon / Nitrogen
Test Pressure 161 kg/cm2
Working Pressure Oxygen / Hydrogen 161 Kg/cm3 / Acetylene 30 kg/cm2
Outlet Thread
Oxygen: Internal 5/8” BSP Outlet No.3 as per IS: 3 2 2 4 : 1 9 7 9 Acetylene & Hydrogen Internal 5/8” BSP L.H. Outlet No.2 as per IS:3224:1979

VANAZ V-1117

Name of Gas Carbon Dioxide
Test Pressure 155 kg/cm2
Working Pressure 105 kg/cm2
Outlet Thread
External 21.8 mm x l.81 4pitch Whitworth Profile Outlet No.7 as per IS:3224:1979
Valves are available in all the stub threads to suit British, American and DIN specifications. Valves for corrosive and poisonous gases like SO - NH ,  phosgene are also available.

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