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Multi Lock Bearing Adapter

Part No: 

1186 / 1187

These die-cast multi-point adopters enable the connection of the cylinders fitted with self-closing valves to a high pressure system through a standard M.E.C.V. thread with unreduced pressure and a high flow rate. The adopters are fitted with a non return valve to ensure that there is no return flow of LPG whilst cylinders are being disconnected. The salient features of these adopters is the multipoint locking mechanism which combined with a face seal ensures that the adopter will not leak even if it is loaded off axis. The quick disconnecting arrangement coupled with a safety interlock ensures that the device can only be disconnected after turning off the gas flow. Both adopters featured above are available in 22 mm and 25.6 mm seats, and 3/8” or MECV outlet size.
Makes available : Kosan | Vel | Gasman

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