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Non-Return Valve(VANAZ V-6301,VANAZ V-6304)

There are two types of Non-Return valves. V-6301 is having metal to metal seat and is suitable for high pressure applications upto 200 kg/cm2 V-6304 is having soft seat. It is suitable for maximum working pressure of 20kg/cm2 . We can supply Non return Valves for all gases. The material of construction depends on the nature of media/gas for which it is to be used.

VANAZ V-6301

Max Working Pressure 200 bar
End Connection ½” - 2” BSP INT / EXT as per requirement.
CNG, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Air, Hydrogen, Carbondioxide

VANAZ V-6304

Max Working Pressure 20 bar
End Connection  ½” - 2” BSP INT / EXT as per r equirement.
Natural Gas, LPG etc.

Apart from the above pictures we could also deliver Flame Arresters in MS and CS body with five to seven mesh operation in threaded or flanged end connections ranging from ½” to 3”

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