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Projects are also undertaken on a turnkey basis, to provide expert guidance right from planning, manufacturing and commissioning - according to the client’s specific requirements. In several community kitchens, industrial canteens, hotels, poultry, restaurants and industrial production places, the company has made an impact through several of their appliances, equipment and fittings for Lp gas and other industrial gases.

Apart from LPG we also carry out Gas Systems for Natural Gas, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide and other Industrial Gases.

We offer everything in Lp gas. You name it we have it. Products and services from small jets to bulk tanks. Specialty in custom made equipment for specific use, with special reference to conversion technology from other fuels to Lp gas systems. Lp gas installations carried out by us are approved by not only Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Bharat Petroleum Corporations Ltd., Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., But also SHV Super gas, Shell gas, Total Gas and other private bottlers.

We also carry out installations as per oil industry safety directorate (OISD), IS 6044, Gas Cylinder Rules, Controller of Explosives (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization) and Department of Industrial Safety and Health (Factory Act). LPG is one of the safest, cleanest and eco-friendly fuels available in the world. It has also been approved as one of the most economical fuels. Fuels other than LPG may be draining your finances knowingly or unknowingly. We can offer you solutions which will not only be commercially viable but also technically perfect.