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Vaporizers ( ZIMMER )


ZIMMER (LPG Vaporizer)

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Algas-SDI vaporizers are safe, simple and reliable thus allowing the LP-Gas professional and end user the peace of mind and freedom to focus on what they do best. These vaporizers are designed with decades of experience with LPG and various conditions all around the world. Electrically heated vaporiser with 40kg/hr flow capacity.

  • Liquid LPG enter the inlet valve manifold where the inlet valve screen prevents debris from entering.
  • Liquid flows through the inlet valve where it is controlled by a metalto-metal seat and ball. The infinite seating positions of the ball provide long life, while the inverted seat prevents foreign materials from collecting on the valve seat.
  • As liquid passes through the tubes, energy is transferred, causing the liquid to boil. Steel tubes cast in to the aluminum heat sink provide a secure pressure boundary and exceptional heat transfer.
  • Energy drawn from the heat sink is replenished by replaceable self-regulating heaters, without the need for switches, temperature sensors, relays or other controls. The heater cannot overheat by nature of their design.
  • Power is supplied to the heaters by a wide range of voltages, including AC or DC through a factory-mounted explosive-proof seal.
  • As vapour exits the unit, it heats or cools the temperature-sensitive bulb, providing feedback to the inlet valve.
  • The control valve receives feedback from the temperature-sensng bulb and combines it with pressure feedback to ensure only superheated vapour leaves the vaporiser. The valve modules the

GASOR Gas Vaporiser are user friendly Vaporiser carefully designed, engineered and manufactured for industrial applications. Vaporiser is also known as Evaporator, is used to convert the compressed gas from liquid phase in to gas phase.

GASOR Vaporizer are available in various capacities and can be specially built for customised applications.

The design is based on supply of energy to water / glycol mixture electrically which in turn heats the liquid in LPG Coil.

  • PESO approved (Department of Explosive)
  • Designed, manufactured and components are complied with NFPA pamphlet 58
  • Steel Tube Heating Coil and designed, manufactured as per the Pressure Vessel Code
  • 100% efficiency
  • Low Temperature Operation
  • Fully Automatic with all operating safety controls

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